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Alethea X Lann Sketch by Lord-FSan
Alethea X Lann Sketch
Hello there!
I haven't submitted anything in here in a long ass time! I've moved away from dA for my art in favor of better places where it's easier to actually get any kind of recognition. I also really don't like what dA had become those past few years, but that's beside the point.

I'm still around once in a while to check on stuff, and to lurk in the chats.

Today is a quick sketch to illustrate what my two characters in #TheFateOfTheJedi RP chatroom will look like.
Not much to see.

Photoshop CS3, about half an hour.


Lord-FSan's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I am a digital artist, focusing on paintings and illustrations, although I do enjoy writing stories every once in a while when time permits it.

I currently live in Vancouver BC, Canada.

I am what you could call a "Star Wars nerd", but also a metalhead, two dominant things in my life which, I believe, transpires on my art.

My original themes in my paintings often involve a certain dose of fantasy as well as a "darkness" of some kind.

I usually don't like talking about myself, but I am always ready to help a fellow artist who would have questions and shows motivation to improve him/herself art wise. I am far from being the best artist out there, but at the same time it is not my goal. I don't aim at being the best, but I aim at being good enough so my art in general "speaks" to people seeing it.

I also very much enjoy comments and constructive criticism. I always reply to comments, but I must admit I don't always thank for a fav or a watch although I do appreciate them.



Sketch / lineart
A sketch of your original character, or of one of my own.
Random pinup by Lord-FSan Gloria :color me: by Lord-FSan
Color sketch.
A colored version of a sketch of your original character, or of one of my own. Simple / no background
Smoking Alice by Lord-FSan Saris Amelia redesign by Lord-FSan
Full Color
Full color digital painting representing your original character, or one of my own, or something you'd like to see (no fanart)
The Guardians Promo :Alice: by Lord-FSan Simi by Lord-FSan SAC4 Cover by Lord-FSan

Why Artists Shouldn't Do Art For Free

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 30, 2013, 1:34 AM
Hello there everybody.
I haven't posted a new journal in a long time. Years actually, I think...

Tody I just have something to share, and I believe it is really important as well as educational for artists out there, and people requesting art from us artists.

This is a direct copy-paste of warui-shoujo's journal, copied with her full permission. I could have written something similar myself as it is something dear to me as well, but she did it with more punch than I could have.

There is some harsh language, there are things that don't apply to me (such as currently going to school), but the concepts explained here are valid and applicable to my work.

Please read and share. :)

Why Artists Shouldn't Do Art For Free

I'm seriously not trying to come off as an asshole, or to call anyone in particular out. But this is something I seriously need to get off my chest, as it is a subject that is very important to me. If you value me and respect my work, you will read it, and hear me out.

I am an artist. Yes, that means I create art, whether it's digitally, or traditionally. With a camera, or with paints. I love what I do. I have been blessed with a talent. A skill. A trade. Even with this, I go to school, for years, to refine my skills and master them. Much like any other person in a profession.

Does not a mechanic work hard, and had to learn quite a bit, accumulating knowledge pertaining to their profession over many years? Sometimes even a life time?

Or how about a Lawyer? Do they not spend years, and take on incredible debt, to get their degree, and to practice law?

Or what about a doctor? A chef? A teacher? A plumber? A construction worker? 

So what's my point? All of these professions/career fields I listed, are all respected jobs. And they get paid for their work. Their craft. Their trade. Their skill set.

So why does everyone take a shit on artists? Why do you all ask us for free art? 

Do you people realize, that when you do this, it's like asking a psychologist for a free professional opinion? They did not go to school, to give you what they worked hard for, for free. God bless those who do, and do so in 3rd world countries, but most of society doesn't roll like that. And here's why:

There are these things called bills. Artists have those too, as well as families to take care of in regards to health insurance, providing food, clothes, and shelter. I'm sorry, but I don't have time right now, to make you 'free art' because you are:

A.) Family
B.) An In-Law 
C.) My Friend
D.) Because you feel as though art should be free
E.) You presume that since I like doing it, I can do it for free for fun
F.) You presume that what I do, is simple, and thus it won't take long to create

And I'm going to break this down to you guys so you can clearly understand where I am coming from.

A- Family:
You ain't paying my bills, buying my food, paying my mortgage, my car note, ect. Fuck you. Pay me. I still love you, but if I give my shit to you for free, then I shouldn't have the right to sell to anyone else who isn't of 'blood.'

B- In-Laws</u>:</b> 
You aren't blood. Sorry, but if I got a divorce tomorrow, you guys wouldn't be there to help... nor do I expect you to. Fuck you. Pay me.

C- My Friends</u>:</b> 
You fuckers already know, I know you ain't paying my bills. You probably know me from the 'hood' or from the Corps. So you assholes know how it is to work hard for your shit. Fuck you. Pay me.

D- Because you feel as though art should be free</u>:</b>
You're an asshole. Fuck you. Pay me.

E- You presume that since I like doing art, I can do it for free</u>:</b>
Yes. I like to do art. I like to communicate through art. And yes I can do it for
 free, just as easily as I can tell you, "Fuck you. Pay me."

F- You presume that what I do is simple, and thus won't take long to create</u>:</b>
Yes. It's simple to me. Wanna know why? Because I worked my fucking ass off to attain the knowledge that I have about art. About art composition, color theory, design, technique, etc. I've spent not only money on supplies, tools, and instruction, but time. Time is non-refundable. And yet, because to me, my art is simple to create, or rather execute, it doesn't mean that there isn't a process that involves planning, drafting, and working out many times, before the resulted 'finished product' that I present. This takes time. It's tedious. And thus, FUCK YOU. PAY ME.

I swear to all of you, you ask me, one more god damn time, for free photos, free art, or free whatever, because of whatever obligation you think I have to you, I will make an example out of you, in the most embarrassing way possible, it will be hilarious, and then promptly put on blast on as many social media's as I can conjure, including /b/. Why? Because you are an asshole. I don't go around asking you for free work. If anything, I'd ask for a favor, and offer to pay you. Either with currency, my time, or other services. 

Also, don't ask any other artist for free art. That is incredibly rude, and insulting. If you want something, offer to pay.... something! And don't pressure them, or guilt tripping them into doing art for you either. That's so fucked up and manipulative, no matter who you are asking.

Lastly, you little fucks who give away your art for free. FUCK YOU! You are the very reason why I have to explain myself in the first place! You devalued, not only yourself, like a little art slut, but everyone else who uses their talent's as their bread and butter!

Stop asking artists (...) for free art. (...) Don't insult me, and disrespect my talents, just because you are ignorant as to what my job/skill set pertains to.


Hello There! (041311)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2011, 3:49 AM

Open For Commissions

Hello there! It has been a long time, again! Almost a year without updating my journal, that's quite a while indeed.
So where have I  been, you ask? Well, here and there really. Some highs, a lot of lows. But I won't get into details, I'm not the kind of person to expose my life in a public journal on the internet. Some people love doing this, but I don't.

The thing is, because of various factors, i have decided to open for business again, aka commissions.

For the occasion, I also decided to lower my prices substantially, but I also decided to put some of my original work on the market for prints. Not everything in my gallery will be available for print, and I will not use the Print program dA offers, as i quite frankly think it is a big rip off.
You'll find all the details as you read further. :D

Commissions Prices and Terms

:bulletgreen: Clean Sketch / Lineart: 10 USD
example: Random pinup by Lord-FSan

:bulletgreen: Digital Painting Bust / Portrait: 25 USD
example: Celia Zatel :0: by Lord-FSan

:bulletgreen: Digital Painting Full Body, simple background: 35 USD
example: Kiera by Lord-FSan

:bulletgreen: Digital Painting Full Body, complex background: 50 USD
example: A La Guerre by Lord-FSan

:bulletgreen: Extra character: 10 USD

What I will do:
:bulletgreen: Original character(s) of yours. If the commission includes an original character that is not yours, make sure you have permission for it (if it's a surprise gift, I suppose that counts as permission.)
:bulletgreen: Character design (I can give a face and a look to your character if you have troubles doing it yourself.)
:bulletgreen: Fanart, but I am selective on that.
:bulletgreen: Mild nudity, artistic nudity. I don't mind a bit of sexyness ;D

What I will NOT do:
:bulletred: Porn, images representing political or religious opinions, calls to discrimination and other hate propaganda, and generally any offensive topics.
:bulletred: Copy of already existing images. I won't reproduce an image made by a fellow deviant, or movie posters, etc... I'm ok with using them for inspiration though if you want something in the same spirit than something already existing.
:bulletred: Heavy mechanical stuff. Honestly, I'm really not that good at it...

How to order a commission:
Simply drop me a note explaining at least vaguely what you are looking for.
Then we will talk about it and see if we can agree on the terms and conditions.

How to pay for a commission, and what do you get for that price?:
For now, I only accept payments through PayPal. I may open payments to points later on, but for now it's not on the menu.

I will give you the paypal information through note after we agree on the terms and conditions.
If you don't have a paypal account, no problem. I can set up secured pages (using tools provided by Paypal) so you can use a credit card without me having access to your information at any time. :)

Prices are for High Resolution copies of the commission. That means that once completed, I  will send you the final jpg image at a 300 dpi resolution so you can print it yourself if you so wish.

If you want me to send you a print, there will be an extra cost of 3 USD plus shipping (shipping fees decided depending on where you live, and will be my local post office rates. I don't make profits on shipping, unlike some on other sites *coughebaycough*)

Prints are 8x10 unless the agreement on the terms and conditions includes a different size, and are printed professionally on high quality photo paper (I usually prefer matte, but you can have glossy if you want :p)

If you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them :D

Images Available For Print

I decided to make some of my already existing images available for prints, as I had a (very) few requests.
Not everything in my gallery is available for print. Only some of my original themed images are. All copyrighted images (such as my Star Wars themed images) will not be available for print. As much as some people (myself included) would like to buy some, I don't really want to have Mr. Lucas' lawyers running after me while I'm having coffee at Starbucks :paranoid:

Prints available below are not part of dA's print program, and transactions will go through me directly. Same as commissions, I only accept Paypal (or credit card through a Paypal secured page if you don't have a Paypal account.)

Prints are all 8x10 in size, printed professionally on High Quality photo paper (matte or glossy, your choice)

Prices only include the print. Shipping and handling fees will be decided according to my local post office's rates depending on where you live.

The available prints:

  Welcome by Lord-FSan 20 USD (8x8 print)
  A La Guerre by Lord-FSan 25 USD

Mature Content

The Muse 2011 by Lord-FSan
20 USD

  The End Is Not Defined by Lord-FSan 20 USD
  Real Virtuality by Lord-FSan 15 USD
  Welcome Back To Wonderland by Lord-FSan 20 USD
  Welcome to Wonderland by Lord-FSan 15 USD
  Death of the Hero by Lord-FSan 15 USD
  Summer Rain by Lord-FSan 20 USD

If you have any question regarding this whole thing, don't hesitate to ask me here in a comment or in a note and I'll get back to you right away (or almost).

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  • Drinking: Coffee


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275 / 5,000
It's that time of the year again...

JediOrder's supergroup status is set to expire in december, and so we are looking for generous donators so we can renew our status when the time comes.
Every point counts and is greatly appreciated :)

The highest donators will be featured in JediOrder's blog as well as in my personal journal :)

Every points will be used to extend JediOrder SuperGroup status. Please help! :D

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