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January 24, 2007
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Padawan by Lord-FSan Padawan by Lord-FSan
Aaaaah ! A Star Wars drawing !!!
I needed to get away from the projects I'm currently working on, just for a few hours, before going crazy.. :D
And I felt like making a Star Wars picture..
Nothing fancy here, but hey, I think it looks quite cool.

When we talk about Star Wars, and particularly about Jedi, we often forget the padawan.. Oh we have a glimpse of them in Episode 2 and 3, but nothing much about them.
We often use in real life (well, at least Star Wars geeks, and a few other people.. lol) the word "padawan" for someone, rather young, that has still much to learn..
Before being Obi-Wan, Jedi master, he was a kid like this one, practicing with the jedi training remote and other stuff..

This kid is nobody related to the movies or even the books. That's just a random youngling...

Nevertheless, I found that drawing kids are not so easy, as the proportions are not necessarily the same as an adult..
That is why I used a picture from :iconangelus-knight: 's stock as a model for drawing the original sketch..

Textures for the wall and the floor are from the Mayang's textures library (just google it if you want, they have interesting things..) then manipulated by me..

Everything made from scratch on Photoshop CS2, in approx 6 hours...

And believe me or not, when came the time to make the lightsaber, my mind went blank and I couldn't remember how to do it.. :rofl: Good thing I wrote a tutorial about it (that you can find in my gallery..) :rofl:

I hope you like it.
Comments and fav much appreciated ;)

{edit} I give permission to :iconlittlebelovedones: to post this drawing in their gallery, as well as using it as they find it necessary{/edit}
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wintermute579 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice! :) On a little side note, the boy should have the padawan braid somewhere, Obi-wan has one in Episode One and so does Anakin at the end (sorry, bit of a Jedi geek!)
Lord-FSan Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Indeed, but it all depends on the era we're talking about ;D (Luke never had a braid, nor did some notorious padawans in the Old Republic era, or padawans during the New Jedi Order -though this last part may change with the new canon from the Disney movies lol)

In any case, I'm glad you like it :D
Hanyou4Kagome Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
At that age he wouldn't be a Padawan he would be a Youngling, training to become a Padawan. Once he is 13 he can become a Padawan but only if he is chosen by a Jedi Master/Knight.
warui-shoujo Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Technically in the New Jedi Order(Luke's Order) age doesn't matter. So depending upon the setting, age really wouldn't matter. Stop trying to sound like a superior high uber star wars nerd buff.

It's a piece of art, not fucking debate class for you to freely troll.
Hanyou4Kagome Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wasn't trolling. Otherwise I would have been rude about it. I was trying to be informative.
warui-shoujo Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Keyword "trying" and you failed miserably at best. Go find some other Star Wars n00b to harass in a forum after you study extensively over at wookiepedia and not someone's art and the technicalities that have nothing to do with the way the artist executed their vision on this piece.
Lord-FSan Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Technically, 13 is what is thought to be the limit age to find a Master. A youngling could become a padawan before the age of 13 (see Anakin, age 10, taken by Obi-Wan (deemed too old by the Council, though in this case it would be "too old to be a youngling" in my opinion)).
If by the age of 13, the youngling didn't have a Master assigned to him, he would generally be sent to other duties and his Jedi training dropped.

!3 years old is thus not the age at which a youngling becomes a padawan, but the limit of age after which a youngling become "too old" to be trained as a Jedi.

What's more, though a Jedi Knight/Master "chooses" his padawan, it has to go through the agreement from the High Council, which can be denied in some cases. (Again, most famous example, Qui-Gon Jinn requesting to put Obi-Wan through the Trials so he could train Anakin. The Council also disagreed with Obi-Wan training Anakin even though they eventually went with it as Obi-Wan insisted on honoring his master's last request.)
Hanyou4Kagome Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No if by the age of 16 he didn't have a master he would be recruited into the Jedi Service Corps. Don't base all your facts on the movies because there is so much more to the Star Wars Universe than the movies, especially the prequel trilogy, because as we all know George Lucas threw in Metaclorians but now he has decided they don't exist or at least hasn't mentioned them in the other two movies of the prequel trilogy because he realized it was a bad idea.
Lord-FSan Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Ok. First off, I'd like to say that I was watching Star Wars before you were even born.
Now let's follow your train of thoughts. Limiting ourselves to the movies is, well, limiting indeed as you pointed out, so I will agree on that.
Let's talk EU. You give ages and :facts", but what are your sources?
Which era are you talking about?
Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order wa taking Padawans that were already adults, because he was rebuilding the Order from scratch.
During the Old Republic, Revan was taken as "apprentice" even though he was an adult (albeit he had been a Knight earlier in his life.)
During various times through the history of the Jedi Order, the High Council has been known to be from very strict about the rules regarding age to very lenient, or even breaking their own rules.
The Jedi Service Corp, traditionally, wasn't only limited to "too old" younglngs/padawans, but also to younglings who would have failed the trials at the end of the youngling stage, and/or at the end of the padawan stage, as well as for younglings who typically didn't have a master after a certain age.
Again, the age varies depending on the period we are talking about, considering wars and times of peace.
During the Old Republic, until its destruction and the destruction of the jedi Order in 19 BBY, it was actually found that less and less younglings were sent to the Service Corp as the High Council was less strict about age limits.
To go back to the movies, absolutely nowhere in any of the movies is a limit age given. the best we have from the movies is "he's too old". So clearly I am not basing my knowledge only on the movies.
To keep going that way, the movies are what basically made the Star Wars universe (whether one likes the new trilogy or not, accepts it or not, is another story. As a true Star Wars fan, I love all the movies, which doesn't prevent me from pointing out stupid stuff especially from the new trilogy.)
The expanded universe, being born from what the original movies started, is quite expanded indeed, and you'll notice that what is considered canon is sometimes contradicted by something else also considered canon.

While I'm passing by, it's "midi-chlorians". Please at least have the decency to spell properly so you can seem like you know what you are talking about.

Now to go back to the image, since your original comment was on this, and to link it to my own reply here, I have not specified anywhere in my "artist's comment" the era depicted.
This young boy obviously is not wearing the traditional padawan outfit as seen during the last days of the Old Republic, so it could be from the new Jedi Order, or maybe even from the beginning of the old Republic. Or he could be a padawan taken right from 19 BBY wearing casual clothes.
All is a matter of interpretation, but when you throw facts at people, you better know what you are talking about, and be ready to back it up with sources.

In that specific image, titled "Padawan", it is indeed a young Padawan who is depicted, by my standards and point of view.

So please don't try to lecture me or teach me that "there is more to Star Wars than the movies." I probably was reading Star Wars novels and comic books at a time you were possibly still playing with Barbie dolls and had never heard of Star Wars.

If you have any constructive comment regarding this particular painting on an artistic point of view, you are more than welcome to give me your feedback :)

PS. I agree that the midi-chlorians bs was a bad idea. There was no need to explain the Force to this level in my opinion... It's just one of the many things that annoy me from the new trilogy.. lol
ObiXAhsoka Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student Writer
So cute! Do you think you could draw Obi-Wan as a Youngling for me?
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